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From Allan Bird, Chairperson of Plano School Coalition:

3 May

To help Plano Independent School District citizens obtain clearer information about the upcoming school board elections and sort through the various claims and innuendoes, I want to state the following facts:

  1. The Plano School Coalition has formally filed as a Political Action Committee with the Texas Ethics Commission and complies with all election laws and reporting requirements to ensure that we follow the highest standards of political involvement.
  2. The PSC has no party affiliation. We do not require that our members announce their party affiliation.
  3. All members of the PSC are citizens of Plano or Plano Independent School District.

Members of the Political Action Committee are committed to an open and transparent process. We followed a rigorous and open endorsement process. Every candidate was contacted and was sent a questionnaire. Individual interviews were conducted with each candidate and the positions of incumbents on issues during their time in office were reviewed. The candidates’ responses to the questionnaire as well as a report card evaluating each candidate are posted on our web site at

If you should receive anything that you would deem as negative or incorrect about a candidate that is from us or purported to be from us, please contact me at, and I will attempt to clarify or track down any misinformation.

Our goal has been to provide you with the information about the candidates so that we can elect the best school board possible for our children. Please visit our website at We would appreciate your consideration of the candidates we are endorsing.

Allan Bird
Plano School Coalition