About Us

The Plano School Coalition consists of community members committed to excellence in education for all Plano ISD students. The Coalition will research the candidates’ positions on various issues, will conduct interviews with the candidates, may endorse candidates and will inform the voters of its recommendations.

Executive Committee

Allan Bird
Mary Beth King
John Muns

Operating Committee

Jenny Birgé
Marilyn Brooks
Carole Greisdorf
Sharon Hirsch
Erica Johnson
David King
Connie Lewellen
Angela Miner
Bart Ridley
Ralph Stow
Melody Timinsky
Julie Truex


Sandra Aikins
Bobby Baggett
Lori Baker
Nathan Barbera
Clay Boatright
Ann Boswell
Robin Browning
Bret Cullers
Anthony Davison
Amanda Driscoll
Margaret Dyer
Claudia Eckert
Carla Ford Rich
Lisa Foster
Karen Gournay
Diane Groves
Rutledge Haggard
LaTonya Hamilton
Susan Hayes
Robert Hill
Ann Hoenig
Graciela Katzer
Priscilla Kimery
Gregi Lopez
Elizabeth Mancil
Jenny McCall
David McCall
Melanie McDonald
Matthew McGrew
Sandra Meridith
Fay Michaelis
Janie Milner
James Muns
Doug Otto
Kelly Palmer
Ruth Platt
Lisa Raskin
Mark Raskin
Sandra Wysong Reins
Nancy Roberts
Robyn Rose
Robbie Robinson
Jamie Schell
Nancy Sennetti
Howard Shapiro
Christine Sorenson
Lisa Thibodeaux
Mark Tipsword
Liz Tycom
Lori Walker
Jim Watson
M.K. Werner
Michele Will
Michele Wolff

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