1. Student Achievement and Equity

  • We believe that Plano ISD is a demographically changing community.  
  • We believe that ensuring a high quality education is a complex endeavor requiring independent thinkers and a highly competent staff and board.
  • We believe the School community must continue to address areas of academic need and service to all students in the district.
  • We believe the School Board community must address the increase in the number of schools not meeting Annual Yearly Progress, especially among schools with higher numbers of low socio-economic students.

2. Community Engagement and Involvement

  • We believe that the district must educate, engage and mobilize voters through a simple, sustainable process of timely, relevant information.
  • We believe that out of 185,273 registered voters, 156,861 or 84.66% have not voted in local elections in the last six years. Only 690 individuals have voted in all 6 local elections in the past six years.
  • We are committed to encouraging and supporting knowledgeable candidates who are involved in the community and who have a broad vision of service to all students.
  • We believe that strong schools equal strong real estate values.
  • We believe that parents and the community want and need to be involved and that a major effort to educate them on issues of concern is necessary.

3. School Finance and Legislation

  • We believe that the district is facing more challenges with less money and requires a school community and school board who are knowledgeable and demonstrate leadership in achieving legislative goals.
  • We believe that the school community needs to be more aware of school finance issues.
  • We believe that the strong communication of financial priorities to the community, staff and legislators should be a priority.
  • We believe that the School Board needs to work with the school community to demonstrate legislative leadership in achieving a return to local control of school districts by building strong relationships with the legislative delegation.

4. School Board

  • We believe in a school board characterized by cohesiveness, collaboration and cooperation.
  • We believe in a school board focused on a shared vision of academic success for all students.
  • We believe in a school board that demonstrates legislative leadership at the state and national levels.

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